Shopping for polymer clay

It does not take much to make beautiful polymer creations - but tools or accessories can make it a lot easier ...
Unfortunately not everything is available here in Germany. Here you will find a chart with shopping information for Polymerclay and associated materials and tools. If you do not find what you are looking for on these pages, search the internet …(or ask me)

Please note: I take no liability for the quality and care of the pages listed here. I have never ordered there myself.  Also, this list is far from being complete!

Modelling Clay, Tools, Accessories   (all Viva Decor Products)

English, Dutch, many polymer items
French, many polymer items, Texture plates from Mathilde Colas
English, French, many polymer items
different languages, many arts and craft materials



Premo, Sculpey:
Product information, many tutorials, Shop only for USA,

Product information

Product information, Techniques

Pardo Professional:
Product information